🍡 About 🍡

Ikouchan is a tinyib-based small scale imageboard (aka altchan) run on a whim.

This board aims to be a comfy, friendly and laid-back place where posters can enjoy cultural exchange and sharing about nature and their thoughts in everyday life from all over the world.

🍘 Rules 🍘

  1. Any content that contravenes the laws of JAPAN will be deleted and the poster can be banned. Please do not make a post in favor of pirating or drugs.😡
  2. Do not post direct threats of violence against groups or individuals (including yourself).😡
  3. Do not post porn/nudes of real life people or any irl unpleasant graphic pictures or URL links to them.😡
  4. This is currently a SFW board so far.🙂 But negotiable if 2D.
  5. You need to be more than 17 years old.👶❌
  6. No doxxing. No spamming. No flooding. No trolling.😤
    You are highly likely to be seen as a troll if you misuse greentexts (quoting nobody) or pepper your posts with meme terms like redpilled, coal, gem, cunny, fag or any racial slurs.
  7. Do not impersonate the admin.🤥
  8. Do not post irl personally identifiable information of yourself.😨
  9. Do not push your religion onto other posters.🥱 This rule may apply to political views or stances if you are confrontational and blindly persist in them like a religion.
  10. Do not ramble/complain about your personal sexual relationships.🤮
  11. Do not make a post solely in an attempt to seek attention, such as by making controversial or obnoxious posts only to enrage other posters or by making explicitly political posts with extreme prejudice.🤬

🍢 Cautions 🍢

  1. The rules may be revised any time.
  2. Anything will be deleted someday.
  3. Advertising or shilling out of context may be deleted. But when you post an image related to someone's work, it's recommended to append the name of the creator or the work to promote their good works.
  4. Image dumping out of context may be seen as spamming and deleted.
  5. This site may be discontinued suddenly.
  6. Non English posts may be deleted.
  7. Anything obnoxious or harmful or unenjoyable or unfunny or disrespectful to others or that encourages crime or that infringes copyrights may be deleted.
  8. Inactive threads may be locked and deleted.
  9. Inconvenience may happen due to maintenance, accidents or mistakes.

🍛 /meta/ 🍛

You can talk about this site and the admin may answer your questions. Post here if you wanna be a friend board.

Also, new threads require to be approved. You can remind the admin of your thread.

🍚 Features 🍚

🍱 Search 🍱

Only Latin alphabets, numbers or spaces matter.

🍵 History 🍵

2023/11/15 Added K*nata emojis
2023/07/11 Added R*npha emojis
2023/02/06 Added M*yako emojis
2023/01/22 Added Search
2023/01/01 Added Y*nocchi emojis
2022/11/26 Added seasonal emojis
2022/06/18 Started to exist

🍜 Mascots 🍜

They are Ikouchan mascot characters. Do not misuse.


All emojis on this site were drawn and painted by the admin too.

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