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Hello esteemed board members.

So commences Meeting #1 of our new company.
Today's meeting covers the following topics:

- What are we selling?
- Equity distribution
- Who will keep the books?
- Outside investment
- Location of operations

Please refer to the pamphlet in front of you for further details.

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¨ No.968  >>1016
>fiscal years
Didn't know about the variance
>Does fall make you feel like a new year has come?
Honestly, I have a hard time even telling it's a new year.
It feels like we're still in 2020.
What about you?

>Nobody would buy merchandise advertised on imageboards anyway.

Maybe it's time to pivot...
Let's mix gacha gaming with imageboards!

¨ No.1016  >>1024
>It feels like we're still in 2020.
Yeah I still think the covid pandemic started last year.

>Let's mix gacha gaming with imageboards!
Actually the automatic reply feature was my attempt to add gacha amusement.
Many other boards have fortune telling features too.
¨ No.1024  >>1040
>still think the covid pandemic started last year
Maybe things will just stay like this forever.

>Actually the automatic reply feature was my attempt to add gacha amusement.
>Many other boards have fortune telling features too.

I think fortune telling would be amusing, but it may also be a bother to add as a feature.

It is fun to think about how to seriously monetize an imageboard seeing as it's rather difficult to make any B2C[1] business. Especially considering the target demographic.

Content-centric businesses are hard to make profit out of in general.
People who want to make more social media are a dime-a-dozen too.


[1]: https://www.techtarget.com/searchcustomerexperience/definition/B2C
¨ No.1040  >>1043
>It is fun to think about how to seriously monetize an imageboard
If I had to be serious, I would first make an account on ko-fi or something to accept donations. It may not be difficult.
Then I could try to add premium account features where premium users can use special emojis or something. I might open art commissions too.
Selling mod rights as subscriptions might be an idea.
But such money-grabbing features can ruin the essential charm of imageboards and anonymity.

Also, the biggest challenge is that once I start to receive money, I have to bear far greater responsibilities.
¨ No.1043
>once I start to receive money, I have to bear far greater responsibilities

But what if you get ikouchan at a steady revenue and you can live off of it without working for someone else ever again?
I think it'd be funny to make a chan and call it 'shillchan' where the whole premise is blatant.
People are here to sell you stuff, so let the best shill win.

>But such money-grabbing features can ruin the essential charm of imageboards and anonymity
The charm of imageboards is also its downfall in my opinion.
Money talks; it says, "Value is exchanged here."
Everything has a price...

File: 1691470779596.jpg–(2.31MB, 2448x2448, 16914197987134284049590772984944.jpg) saucenao
No.918  [Reply]  >>926
Can i get some help rendering translucency manually in traditional art.

Like how the value are placed and so on based on the form and placement in the scene

So far i only know that the color will multiply whatever is behind but then the refraction and caustics comes in and reflection makes it all confusing
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¨ No.998  >>999, >>1013
>>926 also it s not. Fooling around the same circle makes it as good as doing on paper. In fact i get more on paper so by knowing and apply the theory i d consider my work complete.
¨ No.999
1692182426388.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
¨ No.1013  >>1038
I can see how one would enjoy the merits of traditional art more.
I just think that digital art is more versatile.
You can take the digital art you make and then make a Visual Novel to sell out of them!

I don't know.
When I think about the art I want to make, I think about how can I create something that resonates easily and effectively.

¨ No.1038  >>1039
>>1013 well it's not that topic i guess. the same way people tell you to learn anatomy by picking a book or really observe, i guess i m just trying to get a better, more in depth understamding on rendering translucency? because i cant quite feel it out
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1692688225169.png–(40.09KB, 187x160, mascot102.png) saucenao
Definitely yes!

File: 1692076673544.jpg–(9.02KB, 250x187, 1691989862389600s.jpg) saucenao
No.972  [Reply]  >>973, >>984
Supposedly if one to earn 6 digit as an illustrator, animemanga or comic cartoon,
What should one do in total, or a list

Like quality of the content they put up
Or how many a year
And how much inside
So on so forth?
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¨ No.1037
1692688096483.png–(40.09KB, 187x160, mascot102.png) saucenao
Good question!
¨ No.1070  >>1071
1693728135754.jpg–(65.92KB, 400x300, 1693632804568s.jpg) saucenao
Looking to plan some 6 digits traffic art/aesthethic to gather as much of following. Like systematically determine enough value to offer to the market
¨ No.1071
1693728136116.png–(40.15KB, 187x160, mascot108.png) saucenao
Holy based!
¨ No.1204  >>1205
1697425642709.gif–(138.76KB, 400x400, 3d.gif) saucenao
how does illustration gets graded in anime manga industry, either for portofolio/studio, or in the social media?
like how does it get its score

from anatomy to color, how would each of it becomes the value it has, counted, or however it is measured, transalted
¨ No.1205
1697425643079.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
Smart post!

File: 1655815102736.gif–(89.57KB, 200x200, vanilla2.gif) saucenao
No.11  [Reply]  >>298
Post your waifus
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¨ No.793  >>794
Maybe if I would stop wageslaving. But then I'd starve to death, not sure it's better.
But I agree, 4-5 hours of sleep/day is far from ideal.
¨ No.794  >>797
What type of job are you wageslaving at?

¨ No.795  >>797
Good sleep could work.
I also suspect it may be about how much you believe in its meaning.

For example, people often believe there's meaning in just chatting with others.
And we can convince ourselves in the meaning of an anime plot.
It's up to you to discern which has meaning...

¨ No.797  >>798
Officially Security engineer. Unofficially the guy that gets to fix stuff when it breaks, write code, write documents for compliance bullshit, and I don't know what else.
One of my problems is that nothing has any meaning.

¨ No.798
1688754821564.jpg–(82.51KB, 1024x796, 649158f78d68e.jpeg) saucenao
>One of my problems is that nothing has any meaning.
When you have to put up with the BS of technical support and the turning-wheels-to-nowhere of corporate living—compounded with the doldrums of the day-to-day relationships—one is forced to conclude nothing has any meaning IMO

I mean, that's what happened to me (still fighting it at times)
I just try not to think too much about it—or anything, for that matter.
Lately seems like thinking is a parasite of knowing language.
Pic related

File: 1679032464599.jpg–(648.43KB, 699x1020, __kenzaki_makoto_and_cure_sword_precure_and_1_more) saucenao
No.503  [Reply]  >>504, >>515
Do you like Cure Sword

¨ No.504
1679032465023.png–(40.20KB, 187x160, mascot103.png) saucenao
Cute picture!
¨ No.515
Her design is charming

File: 1663784248463.jpg–(467.86KB, 1790x2128, e702e8aedc75f95aebc17876b985d9e4-1546198141.png) saucenao
No.169  [Reply]  >>172
>find a cool fanfic
>the writer is a jojofag and constantly shoehorns references to his dumb gay ghost anime
¨ No.172
I know the feeling.
JoJo references are everywhere and people keep saying “Is this a JoJo reference?” everywhere.
I didn’t expect JoJo to become this popular overseas.
Despite never having watched it, I feel like I’ve had enough of it.
¨ No.497  >>498, >>507
The trick is to never watch or read Jojo so that you don't know wtf he is talking about
¨ No.498
1678981942195.png–(39.97KB, 187x160, mascot105.png) saucenao
¨ No.507
You are right.
Once I consume it, I’d have to be exposed to even more Jojo references I could’ve just overlooked without noticing

File: 1675797068973.jpg–(276.92KB, 643x1254, 1377564611692.jpg) saucenao
No.432  [Reply]  >>433, >>443
>Women when WataMote was first released: "Reeeeeeeeeeeee! This manga is offensive! Female otaku don't look and behave like this!"
>Women about Watamote now: "Wow! She is literally me!"
¨ No.433
1675797069352.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
Holy based!
¨ No.443
Is WataMote popular in Greece?

File: 1657961770435.jpg–(594.38KB, 2012x1801, bump.jpg) saucenao
No.31  [Reply]  >>64, >>65, >>92
Bump this thread anytime you want
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Embed: 【独自】猛毒キノコ「殺しの天使」増殖 回復後の恐怖…内臓破壊“医者もお手上げ”【もっと知りたい!】(2022å¹´9月9日)–(YouTube)
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Poisonous mushrooms
¨ No.163  >>164, >>165
¨ No.164
1663299972921.png–(61.48KB, 292x250, uzaki001.png) saucenao
¨ No.165
Taste that costs your life!

File: 1660104748835.png–(445.12KB, 630x625, 41235161234.png) saucenao
No.87  [Reply]  >>89
do you think I could do this job as a dirty gaijin

can I also elect not to eat anything too or would people find that weird
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¨ No.112
¨ No.116
Quite interesting.
I think your understanding of the East Asia is not off the mark.
I’ve also heard about shame cultures and guilt cultures. (I’m not remotely knowledgeable about them tho.)

¨ No.126  >>127
I don't think the late Roman Empire metaphor is very helpful for people who aren't Westerners.
¨ No.127
You're welcome to provide an alternative.
¨ No.130
There's one for China: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ways_That_Are_Dark. There's another for India.

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