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>find a cool fanfic
>the writer is a jojofag and constantly shoehorns references to his dumb gay ghost anime
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You are right.
Once I consume it, I’d have to be exposed to even more Jojo references I could’ve just overlooked without noticing

¨ No.1585  >>1586
JoJo is coool though.
¨ No.1586
1709795336543.png–(40.09KB, 187x160, mascot102.png) saucenao
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isnt Jo, Jo, a,
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1709871458133.png–(40.09KB, 187x160, mascot102.png) saucenao
You did nothing wrong!

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I read this article today.

I'm going on a YouTube strike!

Join, comrades!
We shall vanquish the Distraction Faction!

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Good to hear!
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Articles on kaiju films, how the Samurai were obsessed with Turkish guns, read some weird paper on cannibalism, looked at a discussion on xenomorph evolution online, went hunting for futaba derived board software, downloaded a bunch of books, made a bunch of posts online and that's all in the last half hour. I get nothing meaningful done.
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Its a video host simple as. You are free to curate and see what the service has to offer.
Now you think. What do you not think? Do you know what did you not know? Does your self know what it does not know?
Entertainment is a need a necessity to combat boredom.
I implore what does the blog authour do amidst the calm?
Why does the authour portray the opponent as weak yet strong?

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Smart post!

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No.969  [Reply]  >>1002, >>1335
Esteemed Ikouchan members:

Do you partake in instant messaging?
I find it too stressful so I don't and actively avoid it.

By the same token, I acknowledge that instant messaging effectively replaced any other form of interaction.
Whether it be in person or posting online.

It is crazy to think how much dopamine hits people are getting on the day-to-day if they are in a few group chats.
Though I think a lot of people also just lurk IM channels and they eventually die.
That's what happened to IRC and the few group chats I used to partake in.

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>The mixture of buildings from different eras in China is so cyberpunk
Talk about cyberpunk, Chongqing is definitely gets mentioned, the train going through the buildings must have been quite a sight.

>Can you guess in which era the buildings were built?
Partly. I tried to study architectural history, but it's too hard.
Not to mention all the imitation ancient architectures all around me
But I've been playing geogussr for a while and I've learned some tricks. It's much more likely to be able to tell what areas a building is in.

>Are there your favorite cities to watch? Most cities on Earth seem to have their walking tour videos nowadays
I can't decide. Many cities have given me enjoyment
I also like a another way of exploring a city, I follow a vlogger on bilibili(巡游轨迹) who chooses to visit a city by travelling randomly, which makes the journey full of surprises!
¨ No.1581  >>1582
IM is addictive. I try to avoid it or I will end up spending hours worrying about it. Its hard because everyone expects you to use it and you can't avoid it without being seen as strange
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1709771334449.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
Holy based!
¨ No.1587  >>1588
It may appear as paradoxical but this chat right here is a form of an IM.
¨ No.1588
1709795439030.png–(41.72KB, 187x160, mascot101.png) saucenao
Are you sure about that?

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Supposedly if one to earn 6 digit as an illustrator, animemanga or comic cartoon,
What should one do in total, or a list

Like quality of the content they put up
Or how many a year
And how much inside
So on so forth?
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Good question!
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1693728135754.jpg–(65.92KB, 400x300, 1693632804568s.jpg) saucenao
Looking to plan some 6 digits traffic art/aesthethic to gather as much of following. Like systematically determine enough value to offer to the market
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Holy based!
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1697425642709.gif–(138.76KB, 400x400, 3d.gif) saucenao
how does illustration gets graded in anime manga industry, either for portofolio/studio, or in the social media?
like how does it get its score

from anatomy to color, how would each of it becomes the value it has, counted, or however it is measured, transalted
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1697425643079.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
Smart post!

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No.11  [Reply]  >>298
Post your waifus
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¨ No.793  >>794
Maybe if I would stop wageslaving. But then I'd starve to death, not sure it's better.
But I agree, 4-5 hours of sleep/day is far from ideal.
¨ No.794  >>797
What type of job are you wageslaving at?

¨ No.795  >>797
Good sleep could work.
I also suspect it may be about how much you believe in its meaning.

For example, people often believe there's meaning in just chatting with others.
And we can convince ourselves in the meaning of an anime plot.
It's up to you to discern which has meaning...

¨ No.797  >>798
Officially Security engineer. Unofficially the guy that gets to fix stuff when it breaks, write code, write documents for compliance bullshit, and I don't know what else.
One of my problems is that nothing has any meaning.

¨ No.798
1688754821564.jpg–(82.51KB, 1024x796, 649158f78d68e.jpeg) saucenao
>One of my problems is that nothing has any meaning.
When you have to put up with the BS of technical support and the turning-wheels-to-nowhere of corporate living—compounded with the doldrums of the day-to-day relationships—one is forced to conclude nothing has any meaning IMO

I mean, that's what happened to me (still fighting it at times)
I just try not to think too much about it—or anything, for that matter.
Lately seems like thinking is a parasite of knowing language.
Pic related

File: 1679032464599.jpg–(648.43KB, 699x1020, __kenzaki_makoto_and_cure_sword_precure_and_1_more) saucenao
No.503  [Reply]  >>504, >>515
Do you like Cure Sword

¨ No.504
1679032465023.png–(40.20KB, 187x160, mascot103.png) saucenao
Cute picture!
¨ No.515
Her design is charming

File: 1675797068973.jpg–(276.92KB, 643x1254, 1377564611692.jpg) saucenao
No.432  [Reply]  >>433, >>443
>Women when WataMote was first released: "Reeeeeeeeeeeee! This manga is offensive! Female otaku don't look and behave like this!"
>Women about Watamote now: "Wow! She is literally me!"
¨ No.433
1675797069352.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
Holy based!
¨ No.443
Is WataMote popular in Greece?

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Bump this thread anytime you want
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Embed: 【独自】猛毒キノコ「殺しの天使」増殖 回復後の恐怖…内臓破壊“医者もお手上げ”【もっと知りたい!】(2022å¹´9月9日)–(YouTube)
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Poisonous mushrooms
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1663299972921.png–(61.48KB, 292x250, uzaki001.png) saucenao
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Taste that costs your life!

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do you think I could do this job as a dirty gaijin

can I also elect not to eat anything too or would people find that weird
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¨ No.112
¨ No.116
Quite interesting.
I think your understanding of the East Asia is not off the mark.
I’ve also heard about shame cultures and guilt cultures. (I’m not remotely knowledgeable about them tho.)

¨ No.126  >>127
I don't think the late Roman Empire metaphor is very helpful for people who aren't Westerners.
¨ No.127
You're welcome to provide an alternative.
¨ No.130
There's one for China: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ways_That_Are_Dark. There's another for India.

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