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Welcome to Ikouchan!🎋
You can talk about this site on this thread and the admin may answer your questions here.
More information may be on the about page.
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I am a lurker myself, mostly because I don't feel like I can really add anything meaningful to the conversation.
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1719831301142.png–(39.97KB, 187x160, mascot105.png) saucenao
¨ No.1767
it's okay, no need to push yourself
¨ No.1779  >>1788
>Textboards are only good for discussion
Yeah it's hard to get along with each other on impersonal anonymous textboards

>discussing things is tiring.
True. It can easily turn into arguments or get too serious to be enjoyable. And many ESLs could be left behind ranpha003

>I don't feel like I can really add anything meaningful to the conversation
Many things in your daily life must be new to me!

I don't know what are ordinary cuisines in Europe. Clearly they aren't noodles or rice!
I can't name one single European supermarket, drugstore or bookstore chain

I'm excited to learn your local news, weather, food you ate, insects or flowers you found, what are printed on your T-shirt, which you are an early bird or a night owl....anything!
¨ No.1788
>And many ESLs could be left behind
What are some phrases/sentences you ran into recently that were hard to comprehend? konata001
The pervasiveness of English makes me forget that others have to learn it as their second or third language

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I think existing threads are enough to blogpost in but I make this thread just in case
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¨ No.1786  >>1802
I still tread carefully posting my schizoid tendencies on my website.
So far it's working out all right

Sometimes I think about making a youtube channel.
I tried recording some audio for one video I was making, but after enough re-recording and manicuring you think, "why am I even making this video"
¨ No.1787
I ran across an interesting quote today which clarifies why one would post for posting sake, rather than to spark conversation:

> Don’t write to persuade, write to refine.
> Don’t speak to others, speak to hear yourself.


¨ No.1793
Texting is too stressful, so are any DMs
Not sure why others endure such anxiety for such little gains, but nevertheless perhaps there's something to still "miss out" on
Oh well, slowboards and tea is more relaxing
¨ No.1800
Hello friends

I've been lagging on my language studying... but at least learning how to relax more.
You'd be surprised how relaxing has become a lost art.
It's a horrible travesty that majority of people cannot stand to relax (read: sit alone quietly)
¨ No.1802
>I tried recording some audio for one video I was making
What was the video about?

File: 1691468968025.jpg–(453.64KB, 2638x1478, wallpaperflare.com_wallpaper.jpg) saucenao
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Hello esteemed board members.

So commences Meeting #1 of our new company.
Today's meeting covers the following topics:

- What are we selling?
- Equity distribution
- Who will keep the books?
- Outside investment
- Location of operations

Please refer to the pamphlet in front of you for further details.

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¨ No.1785  >>1789
In this sense, the Daily Post Committee (日常投稿委員会) may be a mistake made by me...
And in another sense, maybe facilitating conversations is, in itself, spontaneous
Who am I to say about anything at all
¨ No.1789  >>1790, >>1791
The biggest problem I see with forcing posts on imageboards is that old and worthwhile threads can get bumped out and lost. More an issue with medium sized boards, in large boards it's just inevitable and so not worth worrying about, and in small ones like this tiny place it's very unlikely to be a problem. Though in the most extreme cases I've seen sights get destroyed when a bunch of new users suddenly outnumber the old users and spam threads low effort threads; that site's still up and more active than ever, and boring than ever with everything of worth gone. )-: Then again imageboards are pretty transitory by nature, and simply not the right format for discussion you want to archived forever; so maybe I shouldn't be concerned about this at all. I think the daily post threads that you see often do very well to avoid this issue all together.
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1720572182126.png–(41.72KB, 187x160, mascot101.png) saucenao
Smart post!
¨ No.1791
I suppose one could measure worth in terms of variety, or effort one puts in a post
But realistically imageboards seems to serve two ends:
1. a place to express oneself when one no longer feels comfortable with their identity
2. a way to cultivate identity, or pass the time the same as any novelty machine, e.g. youtube, news, etc.

¨ No.1801
Nobody needs to feel obligated to make a post!
I myself do a terrible job of controlling my interests or meeting deadlines
We can just set a long-term goal to aim at, like 4 liters of water to drink every day, even if we'll never actually achieve it.

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How are you today
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>know the title but I've never watched it
>usually don't try my hand at romcoms
probably for the better... it can be too idyllic and therefore nauseating

>they get serious gradually and stop having jokes in the end....don't they?
Yes, it's a subtle transition the directors take advantage of to get you fully immersed into the story. It starts off innocuous but then you clutch your hands and heart wondering why are you subjugating yourself to the whims of these romcom directors konata002

>saw many spring flowers and I took this picture of a bumblebee
That's a big bumblebee thanks for sharing
Hope your summer is going well too!!
¨ No.1773  >>1774
1719912305245.jpg–(1.68MB, 2258x2466, Irises.jpg) saucenao
I started suspecting I'm neurodivergent and have been doing some research

>Hope your summer is going well too!!
Thank you!
I took this picture of irises
¨ No.1774  >>1798
Nice picture!

>started suspecting I'm neurodivergent and have been doing some research
What have been your conclusions?

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"

¨ No.1798  >>1799
>What have been your conclusions?
I'm confident myself that I'm neurodivergent to a degree, but neither counseling nor getting a diagnosis is free so it will remain a mystery

This site may be the crystallization of my ASD/ADHD activities
I'm too autistic to socialize irl but I'm too inquisitive to be content with lurking on JP internet
¨ No.1799
One author I really like is Thomas Szasz
Because he points out how most of the mental disorder, illnesses and labels are just the new Priest class asserting themselves upon society.
Instead of sin, we have mental illness.
They're convenient markers on general behaviors, certainly -- it's just often these labels become prisons too

Friends in my past who identified too much with having depression, OCD or whatever else, they never get better, they only got worse and believed drugs were the only way out
By accepting the label, if one isn't careful, you also accept your fate/doom

Embed: One Summer's Day (From Spirited Away Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)–(YouTube)
No.1367  [Reply]  >>1418, >>1641
What have you been listening to recently/song that's been on your mind?

I found this rendition album of the Ghibli soundtrack and found the voice angelic.
There's some sort of dignity to be found in it.

Pro tip: did you know that YouTube has a separate interface for music?

YouTube is okay if you're listening to music!!
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¨ No.1706  >>1707, >>1795
YKK Quiet Country Cafe OST - 10 - Cafe Alpha Main Theme Orchestration–(YouTube)
¨ No.1707
1714873657644.png–(39.97KB, 187x160, mascot105.png) saucenao
Good guess!
¨ No.1782
Ben's My Friend–(YouTube)
I work for FBI!
¨ No.1794
Where is my Mind, MR.ROBOT.–(YouTube)
wave your conductor's baton, my friend
¨ No.1795
so upbeat, should be the theme of ikouchan

File: 1656136742684.gif–(441.33KB, 523x425, Shami_punch.gif) saucenao
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What happens in your country
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¨ No.1753  >>1776
Hopefully we're blessed with another legend again someday...

¨ No.1755
Feels like this is what Minecraft was based off on... such openness
¨ No.1757  >>1776, >>1778
1718817933396.jpg–(160.20KB, 833x619, bafkreicd5jmvj5d5dr3eyvi76w57gxbz4gtc6dahye5yuidhp) saucenao
The elections for the European Union's Parliament (yes, that's a thing that happens) have went and gone. Was kinda a Sophie's Choice. Glad it's over.

Now it's way too hot here, today's maximum was 32 degrees Celsius and I already got a sunburn. I love having fans all around. Pun intended
¨ No.1776  >>1778
The EU Parliament Election Results Explained–(YouTube)
Yeah funny crazies are better than unfunny crazies ranpha003
It's surprising what a good run he's been having as a meme

>The elections for the European Union's Parliament
Interesting, I have no idea how they work
It looks intricate compared to the US duopoly. It's hard to memorize that many parties!

>32 degrees Celsius
I'm glad you are having fans
It's getting hot here too and tomorrow it's going to be 35 ºC shamiko006
¨ No.1778
US independence
When will Japan rise again and purge all foreigners?

Does anything interesting happen in the Czech Republic?

File: 1672798866281.png–(402.52KB, 726x726, activities.png) saucenao
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Share anything you enjoyed recently, such as anime, games, movies, comics, any hobbies, leisure activities or just doing nothing.

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¨ No.1728  >>1729, >>1761
>I found series called Sandman and Kamen America on Kindle Unlimited. Do you know them?
I know Sandman, but not Kamen America. It looks like a weeaboo comic. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
>I finished Walking Dead Volume 3 and I'm reading 4 now!
That's nice ranpha001 I finished the series weeks ago ranpha003 I haven't been watching or reading anything recently.
¨ No.1729
1717158002080.png–(39.97KB, 187x160, mascot105.png) saucenao
¨ No.1761  >>1771
>I know Sandman
Is it good?

>I finished the series weeks ago
Cool! Was it worth reading the whole series? I have no idea how it would end
¨ No.1771  >>1772
>Is it good?
Haven't read everything, but it's alright.
>Cool! Was it worth reading the whole series? I have no idea how it would end
If you like it then read it and if you start to dislike it, don't.
¨ No.1772
1719876523323.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao

File: 1698776560350.jpg–(2.18MB, 3024x3024, WhiteCosmoses.jpg) saucenao
No.1255  [Reply]  >>1257
Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Equinox and so on!
There are many happy anniversaries and holidays all over the world.
Not to mention personal achievements and accomplishments!
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¨ No.1558
1708301215358.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
¨ No.1572
I don't think anyone would stop you from celebrating your own anniversary. Happy new March!
¨ No.1575
You have one. It's your birthday.
¨ No.1719  >>1727
Happy 520!
In Chinese, 520(wǔ èr líng) or 521 (wǔ èr yī)have similar tones to I love you(我爱你/wŏ aì nĭ), which has turned them into a kind of Virtual Valentine's Day.
¨ No.1727
Happy 520!

I've never heard of that day!
I did a quick web search and It derives from a pop song?

Embed: OH MY GAH!–(YouTube)
No.183  [Reply]  >>501
I learned MSM stands for the mainstream media
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¨ No.1691  >>1700
So quick!
It takes me long to memorize Spanish words
Demasiado just meaning "too" is so counterintuitive
¨ No.1698
1714386554532.jpg–(32.89KB, 278x224, Unit4.jpg) saucenao
I finished Spanish Unit 4 Section 1! Section 2 is around the corner!
¨ No.1700  >>1701, >>1723
Another way to think of it is that “demas” simply means excess. With the -iado ending simply be making it an adjective. “Hay demasiado pasta”
¨ No.1701
1714670934807.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
Holy based!
¨ No.1723
Thank you for educating me!
Currently I have no knowledge of how to break down Spanish words

File: 1691470779596.jpg–(2.31MB, 2448x2448, 16914197987134284049590772984944.jpg) saucenao
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Can i get some help rendering translucency manually in traditional art.

Like how the value are placed and so on based on the form and placement in the scene

So far i only know that the color will multiply whatever is behind but then the refraction and caustics comes in and reflection makes it all confusing
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¨ No.1038  >>1039
>>1013 well it's not that topic i guess. the same way people tell you to learn anatomy by picking a book or really observe, i guess i m just trying to get a better, more in depth understamding on rendering translucency? because i cant quite feel it out
¨ No.1039
1692688225169.png–(40.09KB, 187x160, mascot102.png) saucenao
Definitely yes!
¨ No.1613  >>1614, >>1615
1710189501725.png–(417.36KB, 720x480, 1a7aC.png) saucenao
There are some aesthetics with traditional art that are easier to achieve. Like how in old anime they could achieve very bright looking light easily because it was literal light shining through the glass.

I have never found a pencil brush that actually looked to me like I was taking notes with an actual pencil on paper.
¨ No.1614
1710189502304.png–(40.09KB, 187x160, mascot102.png) saucenao
¨ No.1615
This has been recreated. My friend is used this method in a short animation he made.

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