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Welcome to Ikouchan!🎋
You can talk about this site on this thread and the admin may answer your questions here.
More information may be on the about page.
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Is it true there is a ghost poster who haunts /lounge/?
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1707960607170.png–(40.09KB, 187x160, mascot102.png) saucenao
I've always wondered about that!
¨ No.1556  >>1559
I don't know how to tell ghost posters from posters who aren't ghosts
¨ No.1559  >>1560
They're not dangerous though right?
¨ No.1560
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Off course!

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How are you today
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¨ No.1546
Being invisible would be a comfy ability.

Well friends, while we all wait for our psychic abilities to unlock, there are still worlds to travel to today.

Here's a recent reading:

Can a man cling only to heaven
And know nothing of earth?
They are correlative: to know one
Is to know the other.
To refuse one
Is to refuse both.
¨ No.1561  >>1562
I finished work and I need to relax. But I don't know what to do. I don't feel like gaming or watching anime though konata001
¨ No.1562
1708301459342.png–(40.09KB, 187x160, mascot102.png) saucenao
You did nothing wrong!
¨ No.1566  >>1567
Me and my family had to put one of our family dogs down yesterday
I am still sad and crying about it, a lot more than I thought I would. I feel guilty because he last few weeks wasn’t good, I wish I was there to comfort him more
I’ll miss you Cherokee, I hope you are in heaven
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Share anything you enjoyed recently, such as anime, games, movies, comics, any hobbies, leisure activities or just doing nothing.

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¨ No.1550  >>1551, >>1555
I'm not having a nice day I need to take a break but what should I do? konata001
¨ No.1551
1707960514035.png–(39.97KB, 187x160, mascot105.png) saucenao
I've always wondered about that!
¨ No.1555
>I need to take a break but what should I do?
I think it depends on what you wanna take a break from
But I recommend doing something healthy anyway!
¨ No.1564  >>1565
Went hunting for used books and CDs and faced the cruel reality that the majority of what I enjoy reading and listening to is now suddenly "retro" and sought after by collectors, thus awfully expensive and behind the display case But aside of filling my library with a copy of Space Odyssey and finishing the Robot series they had a translated copy a manga I was about to order anyways so I grabbed (read as actually bought!) one as well and ran

Could recommend taking 2 hours of your time in a huge town to scout for personal cultural relics aka books, will do again

>>1439 This above is actually a part of my health plan, I am currently spending a lot of time in the capital city so I dose myself at least 1 hour of wandering daily to
1) make my phone happy for walking 10 km
2) unintentionally stumble upon interesting sights, shops and tasteful food (would recommend saving up for that one through )
I live in countryside so I usually spend this hour working or walking in the nearby forest instead.
¨ No.1565
1708613596758.png–(40.13KB, 187x160, mascot112.png) saucenao
That makes sense!

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What happens in your country
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¨ No.1503
Y-yes sir!

most posters are recognizable anyway

¨ No.1525  >>1529
>gaming experience videos
How do you call them in Chinese? Can I see them on Bilibili?

>I saw the news. It said both red and green!
I've just realized northern lights and Christmas share the same combination of colors!
Mohe must be a nice place to visit at Christmas
¨ No.1526  >>1529
1706697219179.jpg–(1.59MB, 3029x2545, Plum_blossoms.jpg) saucenao
Plum blossoms started blooming! I took this photo
Also I see many little green birds called white-eyes these days, I wish I could photograph them!
¨ No.1529  >>1563
>How do you call them in Chinese? Can I see them on Bilibili?
Maybe it's called "游戏实况", my favourite uploaders are "谜之声", "逆风笑" and others.

We've had snow here for a couple of days lately.
¨ No.1563
1708446355255.jpg–(1.64MB, 2980x2287, Plum_blossoms2.jpg) saucenao
I took a better picture of plum blossoms

>Maybe it's called "游戏实况", my favourite uploaders are "谜之声", "逆风笑" and others.
Thank you!
I realized Let's Play videos don't have subtitles though ranpha003
But people these days seem to enjoy watching gaming streams even when the streamers speak languages they don't understand. I should give them a try

>We've had snow here for a couple of days lately
We had a little snow here recently too!
Are there plum trees in your neighborhood too?

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No.1255  [Reply]  >>1257
Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Equinox and so on!
There are many happy anniversaries and holidays all over the world.
Not to mention personal achievements and accomplishments!
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¨ No.1524  >>1554
I'm not sure. I know fireworks are popular at New Years' because I can hear them, but I don't meet enough people to know if sparklers are too.
¨ No.1541  >>1554
Happy Chinese New Year! Or Lunar New Year.
People here argue about it.
Whatever it is called, I wish you a happy one!
¨ No.1554
I see
Somehow fireworks and sparklers are summer activities in Japan

Happy new lunar year!
I heard firecrackers play a big role in the celebration. I hope you stay safe ranpha003
¨ No.1557  >>1558
I want to create my own holiday/celebration that I can celebrate all by myself
¨ No.1558
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No.969  [Reply]  >>1002, >>1335
Esteemed Ikouchan members:

Do you partake in instant messaging?
I find it too stressful so I don't and actively avoid it.

By the same token, I acknowledge that instant messaging effectively replaced any other form of interaction.
Whether it be in person or posting online.

It is crazy to think how much dopamine hits people are getting on the day-to-day if they are in a few group chats.
Though I think a lot of people also just lurk IM channels and they eventually die.
That's what happened to IRC and the few group chats I used to partake in.

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¨ No.1392  >>1415
>Have you ever done that?
No...Just city walk has already exhausted me! konata002

>Is Yuru Camp popular in China? I was wondering what made camping popular there
I think camping is popular partly because of Yuru Camp,but most of all because of lockdown.
after the pandemic people needed fresh air, and Yuru Camp inspired people what to do.
¨ No.1415  >>1446
>No...Just city walk has already exhausted me!
Did you enjoy something while walking in a city?

>most of all because of lockdown.
That makes sense!

There must be many campgrounds in China that have magnificent views
I searched for campgrounds in China and I found some pictures of people camping next to cows.
I don't know if it's common but it's cool and adorable
¨ No.1446  >>1535
>Did you enjoy something while walking in a city?
Well, I love the different eras of architecture in the walk.
I am also interested in urban exploration(only in the video). It makes me feel nostalgic.
¨ No.1535  >>1542
>Well, I love the different eras of architecture in the walk.
I heard walking down a street you've never walked before can improve your brain health!
The mixture of buildings from different eras in China is so cyberpunk
Can you guess in which era the buildings were built?

>I am also interested in urban exploration(only in the video). It makes me feel nostalgic.
Are there your favorite cities to watch? Most cities on Earth seem to have their walking tour videos nowadays
¨ No.1542
>The mixture of buildings from different eras in China is so cyberpunk
Talk about cyberpunk, Chongqing is definitely gets mentioned, the train going through the buildings must have been quite a sight.

>Can you guess in which era the buildings were built?
Partly. I tried to study architectural history, but it's too hard.
Not to mention all the imitation ancient architectures all around me
But I've been playing geogussr for a while and I've learned some tricks. It's much more likely to be able to tell what areas a building is in.

>Are there your favorite cities to watch? Most cities on Earth seem to have their walking tour videos nowadays
I can't decide. Many cities have given me enjoyment
I also like a another way of exploring a city, I follow a vlogger on bilibili(巡游轨迹) who chooses to visit a city by travelling randomly, which makes the journey full of surprises!

Embed: OH MY GAH!–(YouTube)
No.183  [Reply]  >>501
I learned MSM stands for the mainstream media
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¨ No.1530  >>1531, >>1538
>Spanish people are extremely friendly from my experience, wonder why they need imageboards when you can just talk to your neighbor or family in that culture
Not to be rude, but Hispanics are terrible normalfags. ESLs are horrible.
¨ No.1531
1706997917752.png–(41.62KB, 187x160, mascot110.png) saucenao
¨ No.1538  >>1539
>they have the same shitty problemas as everyone else
The trick is to just ignore it until it goes away
Let's love normal-frens
¨ No.1539
1707486595012.png–(40.06KB, 187x160, mascot106.png) saucenao
You are right!
¨ No.1540
How many of you use Anki to study?

We could make a leaderboard of cards done, the same as Duolingo leaderboards
Can either be pseudonymous (persisted username) or anonymous (name changes each day)

Embed: One Summer's Day (From Spirited Away Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)–(YouTube)
No.1367  [Reply]  >>1418
What have you been listening to recently/song that's been on your mind?

I found this rendition album of the Ghibli soundtrack and found the voice angelic.
There's some sort of dignity to be found in it.

Pro tip: did you know that YouTube has a separate interface for music?

YouTube is okay if you're listening to music!!
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¨ No.1490  >>1495
I've heard of Denki Groove but didn't know of him!
How did you know about him?
¨ No.1495
Denki Groove - Niji [Live at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2006]–(YouTube)
My journey was much simpler and less interesting than one might wish it to be , I was looking at his involvement with a particular song for an animation and ended up liking his solo works as well. Not to say that Denki Groove doesn't make cool music, that would be untrue and very rude . But to play the devil's advocate, I don't think I need to post already popular music all that much, after all, you know about it already!
¨ No.1502

love the trumpets
¨ No.1504
Khruangbin - A Calf Born In Winter (Official Video)–(YouTube)
Cushioned chair and coconut slices
Wind chimes and palm trees
Lean back and let the wind wash over you...

I wonder what type of beach-pop band The Ikouchans would make

¨ No.1514
Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (Official Video)–(YouTube)

File: 1680539807330.jpg–(858.25KB, 1638x1638, Pansy.jpg) saucenao
No.537  [Reply]
I think existing threads are enough to blogpost in but I make this thread just in case
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¨ No.1100
I don't know how to prevent people from drifting apart.
I can only suggest trying to enjoy movies you don't like really or to pretend to be intrigued in small talk you aren't interested in actually.
But I know things are not that easy or simple
¨ No.1101
The only thing to miss about having general friends around your age is the feeling of vitality and being "with" things (which dissipates anyways)

¨ No.1465  >>1466, >>1513
What do you think is the last imageboard post you'll ever make?
¨ No.1466
1705120897751.png–(40.13KB, 187x160, mascot112.png) saucenao
Smart post!
¨ No.1513
I don't think my last post would be something special.
I don't believe those who declare like "this is my last post!" can actually manage to stop coming back to imageboards

I suppose, I would make my last post without knowing it and then get busy irl or accidentally die or just lose interest in imageboards gradually at some point
It's scary that we'll never know if missing posters just walked away or died

File: 1688922764561.png–(8.37KB, 262x262, youtube-copyright.png) saucenao
No.809  [Reply]  >>1451
I read this article today.

I'm going on a YouTube strike!

Join, comrades!
We shall vanquish the Distraction Faction!

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¨ No.1390
What books do you want to read?
¨ No.1451  >>1452
I read your aticle, and don't disagree with a lot of it, but there isn't that much of a grand conspiracy to all of it. They want you in this state of distracted consumption solely because it makes them money for you to look at their ads and create more data to market with, there isn't much more to it than that really.

And it's not all bad, most youtube content is garbage but you can still watch things you enjoy with services like invidious.

Yes, it has been used for social control and this is proven, but this obviously comes second to making money. This is the point of all it, like it also mentions the importance sport has in society, this is because it's a big money maker. Sport is also important because it's one of the few remaining social and identity organs left in a lot of countries, it's one of the few physical activities we still do and also because people plain enjoy it!

Moderation is key to all of this.
¨ No.1452
1704853420216.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
Good to hear!
¨ No.1457  >>1458
Articles on kaiju films, how the Samurai were obsessed with Turkish guns, read some weird paper on cannibalism, looked at a discussion on xenomorph evolution online, went hunting for futaba derived board software, downloaded a bunch of books, made a bunch of posts online and that's all in the last half hour. I get nothing meaningful done.
¨ No.1458
1704885281477.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao

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