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Post your waifus
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1672740783392.gif–(1.32MB, 360x202, chii_vs_butterfly.gif) saucenao
Chii from Chobits.
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I know nothing about Chobits.
What made you like Chii?

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Because she's innocent (naively so), kind, patient, and also the world's greatest robowaifu in her universe. She's the inspiration for our IB in fact.
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1681118438485.png–(41.62KB, 187x160, mascot110.png) saucenao
Big if true!
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I thought Chobits is obscure anime just because I've never heard of it before but I learned Chii nendoroids are going to be released this summer.

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I do not have a waifu, what to do?
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Are there any favorite characters of yours?
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No? I didn't expect the answer
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Sorry, probably too much autism. I'm a sadist psychopath without feelings.
Hopefully I will not end up as Mira from ZTD.
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Oh, and one more, I rarely play games/read manga/watch anime/whatever because every time I try it I realize I still don't know Japanese and I give up.
I'm pretty sure even if I would find a likeable girl, she'd instantly reject me, even if she's only imaginary.
Sorry for my ramblings, I'm finished.
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I am starting Japanese right now.
Why not join along?
Here is the deck I will use.
Install Anki and do 10 cards a day.
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If it would be so easy, I'd already learned it.
10 new cards/day, and it's a burnout in a few weeks. 5 cards/day is somewhat manageable, about 3/day is what doesn't kill me.
But I'm not using premade decks these days (also that deck wasn't available when I started), I just add a word to anki when I see some unknown word and think it's going to be important, so I only have a few new cards anyway.
But it doesn't matter, even if I know a word in anki, I don't recognize it in a sentence many times.
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Part of the difficulty is choosing something and starting, thus I provided you a deck and an invitation of accountability (which I will now revoke).
Adding your own cards adds friction and makes it less likely you'll complete.

Anyway, that's life.
Either be miserable because you do nothing, or be miserable because of the things you force yourself to do.

In my opinion, being miserable because you do nothing is worse than being miserable because of the things you put yourself through.
For at least the second option has some sort of tunnel with a vague promise of light.

The first option is just sitting in torture without an end.

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1687716754155.png–(144.46KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20230625-200344_AnkiDroid.png) saucenao
>do nothing
The thing is, the more time passes, the more I think I should have went that way.
>The first option is just sitting in torture without an end.
No, both options are torture without an end. The only difference is that with the second option you have a miniscule chance of achieving something.
¨ No.745  >>764
Yes, it's hard to justify the minuscule chance of achievement.
In that sense, yes, I see why you think it would be better to do nothing. I agree.
So, while we're both here doing mostly nothing, may as well spitball—out on a lark—what matters isn't the accomplishment, it's whether you enjoy the process of accomplishing it.

So in the case of learning Japanese—it would no longer be about accessing media or speaking the language, but instead whether or not you masochistically relish in doing Anki.
Maybe instead of Anki there's another method of learning.
Maybe it's about being sated with knowing what you do know, to take comfort in learning one word a day.

I struggle with the same strife of frustration and pointlessness; it's been more than once since I've also begin and failed to accomplish learning Japanese.
At this point I just accept that I no longer care about accomplishing it.

Now it's about whether I should force myself to do things.
Because what worries me about doing nothing, is that all of the nothing-activities eventually evaporate.
I am witness to people who did not develop a deeper relationship to any activity and they condemn themselves to days of misery because there is no longer anything to occupy them.
We may have YouTube or whatever shows available, but they'll wash away in due time.

I'm finding this even now...

¨ No.764  >>765
I do anki, mostly because if I skip a day, next day I die, so I don't skip any days. Does this help with learning? Maybe, but if it does I can't see the effect.
To be honest, one day we all die and at that point everything you have been doing until that becomes pointless. By that logic, everything is pointless. Yet, you have to do something, because you can't just sit and do nothing all day.
>did not develop a deeper relationship to any activity
The only things where I can have any sense of that is things that I've started doing when I was <10yo. I guess I've wasted all my "interest points" I had for my life, since that I'm just jumping from one activity to another, never getting really into anything.

But anyway, we went offtopic, I still don't know what to do. How do normal people acquire a waifu?

¨ No.765  >>766, >>767
>Everything is pointless due to morality
I can't deny the logic! I guess it's a source of relief in a twisted way

>I've wasted all my "interest points" I had for my life, since that I'm just jumping from one activity to another, never getting really into anything.
Putting it terms of "interests points" is illuminating and accurate.
I am reminded of a visual novel, where it characterizes hope as a bag of coins and theirs is all empty; but in reply so was retorted that hope is a coin you can always spend again.
So, I would hope to say the same for "interests points" — there's always another interest point that you can spend.

>How do normal people acquire a waifu?
I don't know. I don't think I've had a waifu before either.
Maybe the ironic conclusion about waifus is that all men of history have their waifu; projecting their ideal onto the woman passing by, heightening each movement as if it is from grace when it's from habit.
Then they elope and find themselves either crushed or manic enough to mold that woman into their ideal.
The trick is becoming the master manipulator.

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¨ No.767  >>768
>there's always another interest point that you can spend.
Maybe that's right, but my interest point pool is still limited. So I try out something new, then a few days/weeks later I run out of interest points, then bam, the whole project comes to a halt.
Alternatively I can do something with minimal effort for a long time, but in that case I won't achieve anything.
>I don't know. I don't think I've had a waifu before either.

¨ No.768  >>790
I wonder if there's a way to get more interest points.
¨ No.790  >>791, >>795
Good sleep?
¨ No.791  >>792
I don't have time for that
¨ No.792  >>793
You don't have enough time for good sleep?
your health should be your first priority
¨ No.793  >>794
Maybe if I would stop wageslaving. But then I'd starve to death, not sure it's better.
But I agree, 4-5 hours of sleep/day is far from ideal.
¨ No.794  >>797
What type of job are you wageslaving at?

¨ No.795  >>797
Good sleep could work.
I also suspect it may be about how much you believe in its meaning.

For example, people often believe there's meaning in just chatting with others.
And we can convince ourselves in the meaning of an anime plot.
It's up to you to discern which has meaning...

¨ No.797  >>798
Officially Security engineer. Unofficially the guy that gets to fix stuff when it breaks, write code, write documents for compliance bullshit, and I don't know what else.
One of my problems is that nothing has any meaning.

¨ No.798
1688754821564.jpg–(82.51KB, 1024x796, 649158f78d68e.jpeg) saucenao
>One of my problems is that nothing has any meaning.
When you have to put up with the BS of technical support and the turning-wheels-to-nowhere of corporate living—compounded with the doldrums of the day-to-day relationships—one is forced to conclude nothing has any meaning IMO

I mean, that's what happened to me (still fighting it at times)
I just try not to think too much about it—or anything, for that matter.
Lately seems like thinking is a parasite of knowing language.
Pic related

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