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Embed: One Summer's Day (From Spirited Away Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)–(YouTube)
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What have you been listening to recently/song that's been on your mind?

I found this rendition album of the Ghibli soundtrack and found the voice angelic.
There's some sort of dignity to be found in it.

Pro tip: did you know that YouTube has a separate interface for music?

YouTube is okay if you're listening to music!!
¨ No.1411
First Day of My Life–(YouTube)
This one is nice since it captures the tremor/uncertainty/vulnerability of wanting others in your life.
And I think it captures how time flies away so rapidly.

It feels like a near evening walk around the library with an overcast.
It's like listening to a past version of yourself, in a way.
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LISA: The Painful OST - Men's Hair Club–(YouTube)
These days I'm preoccupied with thinking about Lisa, including the ost!
They said the Japanese translation would be released this year and I was waiting but they put it off until March!
I've already bought Lisa The Painful on Steam but I wanna see it talked about in Japan

>Pro tip: did you know that YouTube has a separate interface for music?
I didn't know that. Thanks!
¨ No.1434
Burial: Etched Headplate (Hyperdub 2007)–(YouTube)
Very unique sound. Sounds life Modern Life™ where people got a virus and are self-destructing.

Thanks for the share.
¨ No.1441  >>1490, >>1502
Clouds Across the Moon–(YouTube)
I don't have an objective reason, I just associate it with the feelings of clarity and freshness. Sunahara's music is very relaxing and yet rewarding.

Listening to his whole discography on holiday by the sea was a rather pleasant experience!
¨ No.1490  >>1495
I've heard of Denki Groove but didn't know of him!
How did you know about him?
¨ No.1495
Denki Groove - Niji [Live at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2006]–(YouTube)
My journey was much simpler and less interesting than one might wish it to be , I was looking at his involvement with a particular song for an animation and ended up liking his solo works as well. Not to say that Denki Groove doesn't make cool music, that would be untrue and very rude . But to play the devil's advocate, I don't think I need to post already popular music all that much, after all, you know about it already!
¨ No.1502

love the trumpets
¨ No.1504
Khruangbin - A Calf Born In Winter (Official Video)–(YouTube)
Cushioned chair and coconut slices
Wind chimes and palm trees
Lean back and let the wind wash over you...

I wonder what type of beach-pop band The Ikouchans would make

¨ No.1514
Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (Official Video)–(YouTube)
¨ No.1641
Synthosaurus - Prehistoric Gods I & II (Full Albums)–(YouTube)
I've been listening to random dinosynth albums occasionally since I discovered it was a thing back in December. These two have to be my favorites so far, they remind me of the soundtracks to RTS games I'd used to play.
¨ No.1706  >>1707, >>1795
YKK Quiet Country Cafe OST - 10 - Cafe Alpha Main Theme Orchestration–(YouTube)
¨ No.1707
1714873657644.png–(39.97KB, 187x160, mascot105.png) saucenao
Good guess!
¨ No.1782
Ben's My Friend–(YouTube)
I work for FBI!
¨ No.1794
Where is my Mind, MR.ROBOT.–(YouTube)
wave your conductor's baton, my friend
¨ No.1795
so upbeat, should be the theme of ikouchan

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