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I think existing threads are enough to blogpost in but I make this thread just in case
¨ No.597  >>601
I discovered that I can never initiate conversation or contact; but if something compelling enough comes up to me then I may reach out, though to what end who's to say.
Avoiding people by default makes life easier... less opportunity to burden yourself or others
¨ No.601  >>615
Wasn't US a place where people make small talk with strangers?
Avoiding all strangers sounds tough.
I also often avoid talkative people irl though.

¨ No.615  >>728
You have a point on it being tough.
This self-imposed isolation isn't doing too well, because I think a lot of what makes life interesting is synthesizing your interactions and experiences from others.
May as well embrace the downsides, but tread wisely.
¨ No.728  >>759
Now that I memorized US states, I wonder if people's talkativeness varies with states.
¨ No.759  >>784
It's a valid question.
It's easy to clump all of USA into one nation, but it's more like each state is its own weird nation.
Maybe that's diminishing because of the global culture takeover (ty internet)

For example, when I moved to Seattle, I couldn't quite pick up one what was the social norm.
I was cordial but when communicating with coworkers something felt off.
It's like the misted air made the invisible wires between others soggy and prone to break.

Doing coworker "parties" or "get togethers" had this feeling where you're futility accepting pointlessness.
The shared silence was amusing too.

Shucks, there was another next to me who also moved in but it just never CLICKED.
Something just didn't make sense.

In other outside-of-work-meetups the demographic was international, and that's how Seattle is, it attracts people around the world because of money
And just going to these meetups of newly-arrived people felt so icy and it's quite amusing in retrospect.
The wires between others just don't match up.

I wonder how often others feel that disconnect in more homogeneous countries. I would imagine in cases like Kansai vs Tokyo, or Dublin vs Belfast, but what do I know

¨ No.784  >>801
Thank you for sharing interesting stories!
I knew almost nothing about Seattle. I googled Seattle to learn more about the culture and found the word Seattle Freeze.
¨ No.801
Yep, the Seattle Freeze is true, true, true.
Though I wouldn't expect it to be any other way.
Creating and maintaining relationships gets harder and, at times, makes far less sense than in youth.
C'est la vie.

¨ No.823  >>824, >>825, >>830
Today I was forced to go to a "team building".
I hate being among people and trying to not look like someone who's being physically tortured.
Sorry for bothering you, I just want to die now.
¨ No.824
Team building is the worst.
Nothing like sitting in a dead silent restaurant making small talk about mountains.

¨ No.825
I Have Delivered Value... But At What Cost?–(YouTube)
¨ No.830  >>831
>"team building"
What "activities" did you do with your coworkers?
Did you play a board game?
¨ No.831  >>833
You're expecting too much corporate culture here. Here it's like go to a restaurant, and maybe do some bullshit before, like go to paintball or an escape room.
¨ No.833  >>836
>paintball or an escape room
I've never done either in my life. Did you do them?
¨ No.836
Yes. Might be fun if you like being around people. If not, not that much.
Paint ball hurts when they shoot at you, and everything will be painted in weird colors, even behind that protective outfit. Escape room is like the video game, except you have to deal with 3DPD.
¨ No.1093  >>1094, >>1100, >>1101
I feel like the only three or so friends [online] that I still have are drifting from my life. One friend has gotten into carpentry or something and is quite busy with it, and isn't talking with me that much. Another friend asked me to watch a movie with him but I refused because it looked boring and explained that we don't share similar tastes in movies and ever since then he started to avoid me. Another friend is trying to distance because he realized that he can't share his emotional problems with me because I don't properly empathize with him so it makes him feel like he's talking to a wall [I'm asexual].
I don't know what to do, and I feel like I'm still holding on to these dead ends that I'm desperate to fix. All of this makes me feel lonely.

¨ No.1094
1694141938314.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
That makes sense!
¨ No.1100
I don't know how to prevent people from drifting apart.
I can only suggest trying to enjoy movies you don't like really or to pretend to be intrigued in small talk you aren't interested in actually.
But I know things are not that easy or simple
¨ No.1101
The only thing to miss about having general friends around your age is the feeling of vitality and being "with" things (which dissipates anyways)

¨ No.1465  >>1466, >>1513
What do you think is the last imageboard post you'll ever make?
¨ No.1466
1705120897751.png–(40.13KB, 187x160, mascot112.png) saucenao
Smart post!
¨ No.1513
I don't think my last post would be something special.
I don't believe those who declare like "this is my last post!" can actually manage to stop coming back to imageboards

I suppose, I would make my last post without knowing it and then get busy irl or accidentally die or just lose interest in imageboards gradually at some point
It's scary that we'll never know if missing posters just walked away or died

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