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File: 1691470779596.jpg–(2.31MB, 2448x2448, 16914197987134284049590772984944.jpg) saucenao
No.918  >>926
Can i get some help rendering translucency manually in traditional art.

Like how the value are placed and so on based on the form and placement in the scene

So far i only know that the color will multiply whatever is behind but then the refraction and caustics comes in and reflection makes it all confusing
¨ No.926  >>970, >>998
I don't know much of anything about traditional art.
Why are you doing traditional art over digital?
I would figure digital art has more rewards in store (as you can mix it with other media)

¨ No.970  >>971
>>926 well it s kinda aching in the eye.
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Big if true!
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¨ No.975
1692076714899.png–(40.91KB, 187x160, mascot201.png) saucenao
Good guess!
¨ No.998  >>999, >>1013
>>926 also it s not. Fooling around the same circle makes it as good as doing on paper. In fact i get more on paper so by knowing and apply the theory i d consider my work complete.
¨ No.999
1692182426388.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
¨ No.1013  >>1038
I can see how one would enjoy the merits of traditional art more.
I just think that digital art is more versatile.
You can take the digital art you make and then make a Visual Novel to sell out of them!

I don't know.
When I think about the art I want to make, I think about how can I create something that resonates easily and effectively.

¨ No.1038  >>1039
>>1013 well it's not that topic i guess. the same way people tell you to learn anatomy by picking a book or really observe, i guess i m just trying to get a better, more in depth understamding on rendering translucency? because i cant quite feel it out
¨ No.1039
1692688225169.png–(40.09KB, 187x160, mascot102.png) saucenao
Definitely yes!

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