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File: 1692076673544.jpg–(9.02KB, 250x187, 1691989862389600s.jpg) saucenao
No.972  >>973, >>984
Supposedly if one to earn 6 digit as an illustrator, animemanga or comic cartoon,
What should one do in total, or a list

Like quality of the content they put up
Or how many a year
And how much inside
So on so forth?
¨ No.973
1692076673899.png–(41.75KB, 187x160, mascot107.png) saucenao
I've always wondered about that!
¨ No.984  >>985
Illustrators that make the most money usually draw niche porn.
So, to answer your question: draw niche porn.

¨ No.985  >>986, >>990
Stickman can be porn too but that dont make much

What about quality? How do you determine, plan
Something that hits big enough in the market

Quality control and such
¨ No.986
1692144305782.png–(39.97KB, 187x160, mascot105.png) saucenao
Good question!
¨ No.990  >>995
If your main objective is to get some money I don't think drawing is the path toward that.
I'm not even sure if mangaka are well paid.
The "starving artist" is a real phenomenon

If you sincerely want to make money drawing, then your best bet is to combine your drawing skills with something else.
Or analyze how other comics took off.

For example:
>Tower of God (Korean: ์‹ ์˜ ํƒ‘; RR: Sin-ui Tap) is a South Korean manhwa released as a webtoon written and illustrated by S.I.U. It
Started online, random dude(?), now a multi-million dollar franchise

¨ No.995  >>996, >>1014
>>990 i wonder. I dont care. Any number of skills are also governed by quality. My plan is to get the correctdefinition, follow it thru and be done.

Any number of skills combined dont excuse you from straying from trends or content quality either. As for now focusing on drawing makes this conversation clearer, easier, as many prefer.

The value exist, lest random things will make many all the time then. So the key now is about figuring them, thats all.
¨ No.996
1692168723845.png–(40.06KB, 187x160, mascot106.png) saucenao
¨ No.1014  >>1031
Well, I am not the one who holds the correct definition, that's for sure.
I wish you luck in your studies.
Feel free to share your progress here.

¨ No.1029  >>1030
1692601019594.png–(75.22KB, 300x300, 1692595617659400.png) saucenao
how is quality measured in illustration especially in social media

or if any, what are its elements, and given PRACTICE, how is good and bad split then. like perhaps in a graph so more readable
like how some thing end up being million views, million likes. so on. what are its criterias, how is it added.
a detailed understanding
especially in presentation, rather than trends like "big tea onechan" "cyberpunk" like how tos, how much, whys.

¨ No.1030
1692601020010.png–(41.72KB, 187x160, mascot101.png) saucenao
Informative picture!
¨ No.1031  >>1032, >>1033
can you point me the definition? so i can more directly does it right that is. stack it piece by piece and assure it right.
i mean, i m not at the level to "feel it out" yet i guess, as there s too much things i havent quite guessed out. figured out. as part of the good "content" or illustration.

i feel like this is either straightforward (thus practicable), systematic (thus in buildable), so it seems just right to follow the better ways, if at least guided by trend.
¨ No.1032
1692605211588.png–(41.72KB, 187x160, mascot101.png) saucenao
Good question!
¨ No.1033  >>1036
There's no universal definition of good art or good art skills.
It heavily depends on the demographic you're targeting (hence my earlier comments about digital art.)

The best way to develop skills is to copy those you want to emulate.
Try to recreate art you enjoy/want to create on your own.
Trace manga, for example, or find traditional art pieces you think are especially interesting.
That's how most skill acquisition works.

¨ No.1036  >>1037
>>1033 ok, well i m probably abit too confident but i can already emulate any skill i want in any angle i need, so i guess it's not just about the "painting" itself but also, placement and even more specifically, market engagement. which probably is why the market is rather finicky to enter.

So i guess my question now is more of how is comic illustration maximize/created/posted in especially social media so to maximize/maintain/improving social media engagements, such as traffic, likes, comments and by extension sales, aside from trend and the niches? Basically the quality itself, and the so called appealing content, qualities, productions, presentation.
¨ No.1037
1692688096483.png–(40.09KB, 187x160, mascot102.png) saucenao
Good question!
¨ No.1070  >>1071
1693728135754.jpg–(65.92KB, 400x300, 1693632804568s.jpg) saucenao
Looking to plan some 6 digits traffic art/aesthethic to gather as much of following. Like systematically determine enough value to offer to the market
¨ No.1071
1693728136116.png–(40.15KB, 187x160, mascot108.png) saucenao
Holy based!
¨ No.1204  >>1205
1697425642709.gif–(138.76KB, 400x400, 3d.gif) saucenao
how does illustration gets graded in anime manga industry, either for portofolio/studio, or in the social media?
like how does it get its score

from anatomy to color, how would each of it becomes the value it has, counted, or however it is measured, transalted
¨ No.1205
1697425643079.png–(40.26KB, 187x160, mascot109.png) saucenao
Smart post!

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