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Welcome to Ikouchan!🎋
You can talk about this site on this thread and the admin may answer your questions here.
More information may be on the about page.
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I guess it’s all Nara Park or the periphery. I’ve been there once on a trip.

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1674497656283.png–(3.18MB, 1878x1056, nara.png) saucenao
Nara Park seems like it's filled with pretty portraits.
How was your trip there?
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I went there when I was a student but now I realized I don’t remember almost anything…this made me start suspecting not keeping a dairy was a mistake!

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only now exists, no need to hold onto memories :~)
(is what I say to myself as I forget everything)

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How are you today
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In other news, I tried quitting imageboards or other social media for a bit (primarily forums) but found myself bored or maybe didn't put up much of a fight.
in fact I wrote a whole series analyzing why I use imageboards (though has a morose tone at times): https://ico.codeberg.page/

maybe will develop imageboard software, seeing as my analysis hasn't convinced me to stop using forums... may as well make something about them (for a sense of closure or something)

And although all of this thought originates from kind.moe I don't think I'll browse there anymore because I feel like an outsider there tbqh

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I pretty much quit visiting Japanese boards, but talking with people abroad is fun.

>maybe will develop imageboard software
That’s awesome!
If I tried it I would get distracted and give up before accomplishing it.

>I feel like an outsider
It always happens to me, not only on forums but anywhere.

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>I pretty much quit visiting Japanese boards, but talking with people abroad is fun.
Why did you quit?
>It always happens to me, not only on forums but anywhere.
Is it due to a distance in how you think? I'm curious what you think the source of your alienation is everywhere you go.
When I go to a supermarket or a convenience store I just accept things as they are, if that makes sense. I do not know if your feeling of alienation persists when you visit such places.
When I think about my own alienation, I think it's due to two things:
1. A strange deterioration of common culture eclipsed by corporate America, and accelerated by the divergent demographics here
2. Trying to fit into a group is painful, especially if you don't think about what you're getting out of it, why bother with it, and more often than not the deal isn't worth taking.

>an outsider on anonymous boards and we visit imageboards for such fairness
I agree with that. The appeal of imageboards is the ability to stand on your individuality and not let anything else define you.
It's also one of the most minimal Social Contracts ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_contract ) you'll come across: just follow the imageboard's rules, and that's it. You have nothing else expected out of you.

The inability to define one's social contract to others is a primary source of pain, I find.
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Embed: OH MY GAH!–(YouTube)
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I learned MSM stands for the mainstream media
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>Chinese is simpler than Japanese in that there's usually one pronunciation per character.
True. But what I first struggled most in learning Chinese was to remember the tones of each character because we don’t use them.

>What is it like studying Chinese from your perspective?
>You must already be familiar with most of the characters.
More than half of the characters are familiar to me, but I encounter many combinations of the characters I’ve never seen.
Learning Chinese also beefs up my Japanese vocabulary.

I’ve heard of it before but had never given it a shot.
I might try it.
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>to remember the tones of each character because we don’t use them
Is your current strategy just pure memorization? Is your primary exposure to Chinese through twitter?
>I might try it.
It is notorious for a bad user experience so idk if I recommend it, but once you set it up it does help with memorization a lot.
(it's just rather boring)

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>Is your current strategy just pure memorization?
Sometimes I practice pronouncing but yes.
Speaking and listening require memorizing pronunciations and tones of the characters.
Even if I try to make a sentence in Chinese, I end up searching words to describe what I wanna say.

>Is your primary exposure to Chinese through twitter?
When I google something, I do it in English usually but sometimes try to google it also in Chinese.

>It is notorious for a bad user experience
I didn’t know that!!

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What's really crazy (and probably requires Anki) is the Chengyu
>When I google something, I do it in English usually
Are JP results not as good when it comes to Chinese content?
I wonder what percentage of JPN learns Chinese

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Share anything you enjoyed recently, such as anime, games, movies, comics, any hobbies, leisure activities or just doing nothing.

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Miyako has a wonderful personality where she’s always positive but calm and not an airhead. She doesn’t overthink and enjoys the moment.
I learned to be down to earth and enjoy my life?
I don’t know.

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>Don’t Americans themselves have any problems understanding each other?
You may be onto something...

I guess we need to define 'understanding'.
I would say there are levels of understanding.
There's the level of day-to-day stuff, which is fine usually.
Then there are levels beyond that, and in those levels misunderstandings crop up.

Although you could attribute this toward the speed of speech alone, I would reckon it to be more of a cultural thing.
The quickened speed reveals an impatience that has no name. An unsettled soul.
The degree to which one feels understood seems to be a core vexation for any budding human (one could label this as the quintessential driver around the Teenage Experience).

In America, one instead accepts that it's not about being understood, but understanding what's next, what's the newest trend, what's needed to move forward, what do you need to distract yourself, to gratify yourself.
You close your heart, ears, and eyes, but quicken your pace to forget about that.
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That sounds nice. It's a nice mindset, and I subscribe by it!

When I bike I often go through retirement communities.
Old people walking along the road or messing with their lawn.
Although you could just move on and not think about it, when you bike past you sometimes think maybe one day you will be in that retirement community; and if that is so, then the last thing I'd want is to regret working too hard, I think.

I hear myself saying, "What, I worked all that time just to do what I could've done when I was young: laze around, go on walks, enjoy some books and mess around! What was the point?!"

I would argue that the number one reason is related:

Also, a story I often think about, related to "enjoying life as is":
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I didn't mean to write so much

Don't feel obligated to reply in depth

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What happens in your country
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I’ve come across wild monkeys long ago. It was a nice experience but I never felt relaxing because I knew they might rob me.

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My nose is running.
Hay fever season is right around the corner.
Spring would be my most favorite season if hay fever didn’t exist

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>they might rob me
I thought the main concern would be attacking you.
Monkey encounters may result in being robbed??
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>hay fever
TIL a new word

I usually just call it "allergies" but "hay fever" is the better phrase to use here
It's starting up for me as well.
Easy to forget about it too. Spring really would be the best season if not for the hay fever.

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Post your waifus
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1672740783392.gif–(1.32MB, 360x202, chii_vs_butterfly.gif) saucenao
Chii from Chobits.
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1672740783777.png–(31.99KB, 187x160, uzaki001.png) saucenao
>Chii from Chobits.
¨ R No.300
I know nothing about Chobits.
What made you like Chii?

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Bump this thread anytime you want
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Today will be a good day?
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1672760094177.png–(39.97KB, 187x160, mascot105.png) saucenao
Very likely!
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Today will be a good day?
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1672845869834.png–(40.09KB, 187x160, mascot102.png) saucenao

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>find a cool fanfic
>the writer is a jojofag and constantly shoehorns references to his dumb gay ghost anime
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I know the feeling.
JoJo references are everywhere and people keep saying “Is this a JoJo reference?” everywhere.
I didn’t expect JoJo to become this popular overseas.
Despite never having watched it, I feel like I’ve had enough of it.

Embed: 【独自】猛毒キノコ「殺しの天使」増殖 回復後の恐怖…内臓破壊“医者もお手上げ”【もっと知りたい!】(2022å¹´9月9日)–(YouTube)
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Poisonous mushrooms
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1663299972921.png–(61.48KB, 292x250, uzaki001.png) saucenao
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Taste that costs your life!

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do you think I could do this job as a dirty gaijin

can I also elect not to eat anything too or would people find that weird
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Quite interesting.
I think your understanding of the East Asia is not off the mark.
I’ve also heard about shame cultures and guilt cultures. (I’m not remotely knowledgeable about them tho.)

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I don't think the late Roman Empire metaphor is very helpful for people who aren't Westerners.
¨ R No.127
You're welcome to provide an alternative.
¨ R No.130
There's one for China: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ways_That_Are_Dark. There's another for India.

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